Bails King of Whales

The Madaleine nativity scene

I was wandering around Paris and decided to go into the Madaleine Cathedral- there happened to be an Orchestra and choir rehearsing a Bach Christmas concert that day

Christmas Market on the Champs- sorry the last one is blurry

Christmas at Hotel de Ville

Christmas at Hotel de Ville

My favorite Bakery at Christmas- buchettes are little cakes designed to look like yule logs, complete with merengue mushrooms on top

The Christmas Market at Trocadéro

Christmas in Paris

There are several ways with which you can tell that Christmas has come to Paris. At the very end of November, the wide boulevards in every neighborhood of the city begins stringing up garlands and lights between limestone apartment buildings and street lamps. The Christmas market along the Champs Elysees opens its stalls, hoists massive speakers into bare trees to pump Christmas jazz and lights up a ferris wheel at the end of the avenue. As December days go by, many other Christmas markets follow. Florist shops begin to sell small Christmas trees at every street corner, Pattiseries display buchettes in Christmas-themed windows. In many ways it is not an obvious transition into the season- people go about their business in the usual way, without grocery stores blasting “All I want for Christmas is You” every time they need to pick up some milk. Silently, reverently the city prepares itself for Christmas, shifts itself slightly to acknowledge the change.¬†